The Best 2019 SEO Strategy Plan

I want to make sure you have THE BEST info available on what is currently working in the world of SEO. I’m compacting down all the experience from different sites, and case studies into this post. The strategy laid out in here has generated millions of dollars online.

Let’s get right into it…

Strategy For Regular Sites

Before You Build Links:

  • Audit: If your website has dropped in the past, check and see if you have any penalties via Webmaster Tools, analytics (sudden drops in tra c) etc. Some penalties are harder to recover from than others. Do NOT spend a long time trying to recover a doomed site as some just won’t recover no matter what you do. Check the Ultimate Guide To Google History, compare your dates and check out our case studies on penalty recovery for Penguin or Panda. Follow the instructions, start a new site in the meantime, or both.
  • Keyword Research: Always start with killer keyword research because this is the most important part. Click here for an insanely easy keyword research strategy to mine great opportunities!
  • Improve Your On-Site Optimization: Rank for more keywords and beat over-optimization penalties by setting up your perfect on-page SEO, using synonyms.

Avoid These 2 Major Site-Killing Mistakes:

  • Anchor Text Ratios: The biggest problem we keep seeing is people still over-optimizing anchor text. Stop worrying about anchor text ratios and just go all out on brand signals, naked urls, etc. Get a ton of natural links and only use a handful of exact match anchors. I’m talking 95%+ brand / naked and <5% exact match. Google is never going to penalize for having too diverse a portfolio of links.
  • Don’t Give Up Too Soon: The second biggest problem we see is people stopping or giving up on link building. Google takes time to judge your site You’ll usually see a boost about 8-14 days after building powerful links for movement, but based on bounce/click rates etc your site can jump around and keep moving up for months. Or it might just stay there. If it’s stuck, don’t stop and wonder why it didn’t work. You need to keep building diversi ed links. Our best ranking customers have on-going link campaigns even when they are crushing. Too many websites fail that get links one time and never again.
Link Building Strategy
1. Start with Branding / Diversity:

Since the biggest issue is that sites get hit with over optimization, we want to start by giving your site tons of diversity. Use only natural anchor text (, or just your brand name as the keyword, etc) and no exact match or commercial anchors.

You can do this 2 ways –

  • Social Pro les: Build up your social properties (Facebook, Twitter, G+) authority properties + additional ones. This signi es you are an actual brand. Get as many of these as you can. This will give you brand links + diversi ed links. Do not try to build exact match anchors here, jus use your brand name or naked urls ( You can get cheap, quality social pro les done for you from Lock My Brand. When you create content on your site, post it to those social properties to keep natural links owing and your social accounts active.
  • Press Releases: We also recommend doing at least 1 Press Release for each site. Use naked links and no-follow them. This will give you great diversity from authority sites. It will also set you up so that you won’t over optimize your anchor text later on and you will have a good amount of no-follow diversity so you can build more do-follow links later. Here is an article on press release strategy.
2. Get In-Content Diversity Links:

Get other diversi ed properties with in-content links. You can build out web 2.0 type properties for this and use a mix of brand, natural, and lo competitions keywords / long tail variations.

3. Move on to High Power Links:

After you’ve built a substantial base, start adding in quality high powered links with close or exact match anchors. Never repeat the same anchor twice, just switch it up to something slightly different each time. A great way to get these is to do guest posts on authority blogs.

On-going Link Building: Continue to add these types of links month after month while changing your anchors each time with di erent long tails / variations.

4. Add More Content:

After you build a handful of links, you website will have some ranking power. When you create more content, it will rank even easier. You should have a huge list of keywords from your earlier keyword research. Just build out content focused on those keywords and add internal links to that content. This type of content will help your target customers with their problems and questions and will get them into your funnel.

Strategy For Local Sites

Follow everything above for your organic site, but do this in addition:

  • Set Up Google Local / Google My Business Page: Set up your Google Local page correctly so you can rank in the 3 pack.
  • Audit Citations: This is the #1 thing that will hold you back in local. Make sure you always do a local citation audit before doing anything. This will also tell you what citations you’re missing.
  • Build citations & links: Get the local citations & links that your top ranking competitors have from industry sites and ego directories.

Keep building these until you have crushed your competitors.

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