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Generate Sitemap for Blogger for Custom Domain

So! you have bought a custom domain and you want to use it with you blogger blog, and you are wondering if it could have an impact with your previous sitemap. Now if you want to see your XML site map, you have to search in URL as “”. A Sitemap is a file which contains all of your blog’s data and pages of which you have to submit to Google, bing or other webmasters for indexing of your website/blog.

Below are simple steps to follow to generate your Sitemap incase you don’t have and submit it to Google.

Step 1. Go to Sitemap Generator and enter your blog URL, click on Generate Sitemap and your blog’s sitemap will be generated.

Step 2. Copy the entire generated text and sign in to your Blogger dashboard > Settings >> Search preferences >>> Custom robots.txt then enable it by clicking Yes and paste the copied text in the box and finally click on Save changes.

Now that you have almost done updating sitemap in your blogger search preference. Search engines will automatically discover your XML sitemap files via the robots.txt file and therefore you don’t have to ping them manually.

Updating Your Sitemap in Google Webmasters Tool

Step 1. Copy the generated sitemap text (Copy only the text after your URL without forward slash as shown below)

Step 2. Sign in to your Google webmasters account Go to Crawl > Sitemaps >> then click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP paste the copied text and click on Update Sitemap.

Now that you are done generating your blog’s sitemap, updated it in your blogger search preferences and also updated in Google webmasters tool. I hope this article has been of help you.


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