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Social Media Marketing Tips you Shouldn’t Ignore

It goes without saying that social media marketing plays a huge role in making your blog (or any website) recognizable and branded in today’s world. Why is this the case? Well, these two fit together like a glove, despite the fact that blogging is, usually, perceived as a longer and more “serious” form, while social media are all about being concise and viral. In reality, you can use your blog to strengthen your social media presence, while promoting the blog itself via these platforms at the same time. Failing to make the full use of the relationship between these two will cost you both time and money – yet, you can prevent it by reading through the following post which will give you all the essential tips on social marketing you may need at the moment.

1. Separate Personal from Blog-Only Facebook Page

Let’s start with the obvious: your blog needs to have its own Facebook page. It is a sort of “default” social platform with more than two billion active monthly users which makes it a no-brainer choice for your social marketing efforts. It will complement your blog by acting as the platform for posting links to new posts and interacting with your audience in an “organic” manner.

You need to be doing it while keeping this valuable tip in mind: separate your personal Facebook page from your blog’s page! In this manner, you’ll be able to establish a clear boundary between your personal life and your professional interest. At the same time, you can try to brand both your blog and your professional persona by using the same profile picture or similar visual identity elements on both of these Facebook pages. You can do the same with your Facebook presentation, which can reflect the same visual and design elements you feature on your blog.

2. Do Not Make Sharing Harder

Sharing is the lifeblood of your social media marketing and blog promotion. Thus, this process needs to be as streamlined as possible. It includes the use of share buttons on your blog, which should be made prominent and easily accessible. You do not want your visitors having to hunt around for those buttons!

To this purpose, you can use the ShareThis tool which allows sharing of your blog posts with a single click, as well as positioning of multiple buttons for sharing on social networks, messengers, and email. At the same time, you can use a WordPress plug-in called Flare which streamlines sharing and setting up your blog posts on the most popular social media.

3. Go Viral with StumbleUpon

Mix functions as a discovery or recommendation engine which gives content suggestions to its users based on any field of interest you may think of. There is no reason why you should not submit your blog post as the next best thing waiting to be discovered online! As the users search for new content categorized under a specific topic, they may stumble upon (that’s how the platform got its name) your blog as well. The only thing you need to do is to use your content submission to make your blog a part of the lineup of pages which are relevant to the particular topic.

In addition to the Mix system itself, these suggestions can come from a user’s Mix friends. This is why you will use the platform best +if you share your posts with your friends and confirm their shares in turn. Mix can help you generate quality traffic provided that you have a strong following, as the content you create and submit can go viral at any time.

4. Video Is Your Reliable Workhorse

The blogger community has its own variations on the old saying that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. In this case, it’s the video. You should treat video as the quickest path to winning over your audience’s hearts and minds. Yes, it is true, all video formats work well with all social networks, and they help you strengthen your presence there and make your brand more recognizable.

According to a study, posts containing videos have the most organic reach of any other type of Facebook posts. Videos have become the best complement to textual posts, not unlike what photos did to them, ages ago! With the rise of easily accessible video creation tools, enriching your posts with video clips or slideshows now and then should not be too hard. In turn, it will make your post both more shareable and credible in the eyes of your audience.

5. Create Multiple Tweets from a Single Post

If you are using Twitter, you will do well to try a method which some professional bloggers swear by – having multiple tweets about a single blog post. This is justified by the fact that many among your audience can come from different time zones than yours, making it easier for them to miss your essential post. However, this practice can sometimes go against your audience’s desire to enjoy fresh content all the time.

You can play around this by tweeting about the same post in similar yet different enough manner which involves changing its description, title, focus or even promoting its individual segments. This procedure can be streamlined with the help of tools such as Missinglettr. It allows you to create several tweets based on a single blog post of yours, and, in all of these cases, it will focus on its different segments. With the support for the creation of images and selected quotes based on post segments, you’ll save yourself precious time in creating multiple tweets based on a single piece of content.

6. Check Pinterest

Pinterest has been with us for quite some time now, yet bloggers are only now learning how to utilize its social media potential to the fullest. This is particularly important if your blog has strong visual elements which accompany your posts. Some blogs are more suitable for this by their very nature, such as if you are blogging on the topics that rely heavily on quality images or photos, such as cooking, fashion, travel or design.

In any case, you can pin the best of your visual content and post it on relevant boards together with links to the corresponding blog post. As we have already established that easy sharing is essential, you’d do well to include a Pinterest plugin to make it easier for your readers to share your content on Pinterest boards.

Ignoring the social media aspect of your marketing endeavor will hurt both your reputation and income! That is why you need to make social media an “organic” extension of your general marketing campaign. Thankfully, there are several essential tips to achieve this with as little friction as possible, making their application a key consideration on the path to attaining rock solid social media presence for your blog.

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